Emergency Nutritionist / Goma

Closing date: 28 Oct 2019
  1. Coordination with all functional units (supply chain, programme, VAM, HR, donor relation and communication, etc.) at CO and sub-office (SO) level, aiming at ensuring that Nutrition is fully integrated in WFP’s emergency response in the shock affected area.
  2. Development of WFP’s SO staff and partners’ capacity, including PRONANUT, for the design, implementation and monitoring of malnutrition treatment and prevention programme, through development of training materials, class training, on the job training and formative surpervision.
  3. Supporting the rolling out of IFE guidelines through WFP food and nutrition assistance platforms (general food assistance – GFA, blanket supplementary feeding programme – BSFP, targeted supplementary feeding programme – TSFP), in coordination with the Nutrition Cluster, key IFE actors in DRC as well as food security partners.
  4. Contributing to the setting up a robust monitoring and evaluation (M&E) plan, including minimum indicators for monitoring performance of WFP’s nutrition response, including systematic/monthly reporting on mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC) screening results in BSFP areas.
  5. Supporting the set-up and implementation of SCOPE CODA to improve the nutrition information management system.
  6. Supporting social and behavioural change communciations design, development, implementation, and monitoring as a complementary intervention to nutrition-specific activities
  7. Technical support to and advocacy for implementation of nutrition assessments and integration of nutrition indicators in food security assessments, with government partners, UN agencies, NGOs and other nutrition actors.
  8. Strategic engagement with the Nutrition Cluster at decentralized level, with government, UNICEF, and other key partners to strengthen alignment and to promote implementation of coordinated/multi-sectoral responses including ensuring the MAM-SAM continuum of care.
  9. Oversee preparation and dissemination of timely analytical and critical reports including situation reports (SitReps).

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