Officer, Legal




TITRE DU POSTE : Officer, Legal



TYPE DE CONTRAT : CDI assorti d’une période d’essai de 3 mois



Standard Bank RDC fait partie du plus grand groupe bancaire de l’Afrique en termes de capitalisation boursièredont le siège se situé à Johannesburg. Présente dans 38 pays dont 18 en Afrique,c’est depuis 1992 qu’elle opère au Congo à la suite de l’acquisition d’ANZ GrindlaysZaïre qui existait dans le pays depuis 1973.

Standard Bank RDC offre une gamme variée de produits et services par le truchement de ses diverses branches à travers la RDC via un réseau des intermédiaires (banques correspondantes). Nous avons développé une expertise dans la prestation des services liés aux besoins des entreprises minières, multinationales, Nations-Unies et autres organisations internationales opérant en République Démocratique du Congo.

Nos équipes allient leur connaissance approfondie sur les conditions et déterminants du marché en RDC à l’expertise du Groupe Standard Bank opérant dans les marchés émergeants aux fins de développement des solutions sur mesure répondant aux besoins de la clientèle.

Links to structures
Job function* Legal
Career type* Functional/Specialist
Job purpose description*


This position reports to Senior Legal Advisor. This role entails the drafting, of standard banking facility agreements, security agreements and cash management agreements etc. (“Agreements”), within the agreed parameters
Job criticality Operationally Critical
Key responsibilities*
Output group 1* Ensure a high level of accuracy
Key Activities (what and how)
  • Analysis and scrutiny of documentation for accuracy by double checking all legal documentation. If documentation is returned by the BM, ensure standardization of documentation through scrutiny of the signed document.


Output group 2* Ensure accurate and comprehensive drafting of facilities letters, security documents and other such credit documentation
Key Activities (what and how)
  • Draft, peruse and   check standard agreements by following the agreed and recorded procedural frameworks
  • Attend credit meetings, Client Coverage meetings and meetings with External Clients and/or their External Counsel
  • Pro-active development of relationships with credit and business with a view of credit and business approaching the legal team for legal support prior to finalization of legal agreements
  • Co-ordinate credit, legal and business concerns in a solution orientated manner to close deals/transactions
  • Establish positive working relationships with internal and group stakeholders.


Output group 3 Assistance and advice on legal queries relating to Bank matters as well as support to the Legal Managers
Key Activities (what and how)
  • Assist and support the Legal Managers on re-drafting and / or on queries relating to the legal agreements by demonstrating sound understanding and application of agreements and taking instructions from the Legal Managers where necessary.


Output group 4 Participating in and assisting with Project work
Key Activities (what and how)
  • Develop processes within the team to enhance the team’s capabilities and outputs to Business and Credit. This will be done through ongoing review and assessment of legal processes and policies.


Output group 5 Identification and Mitigation of Operational Risk
Key Activities (what and how)
  • Identification, investigation and escalation of Ops risks and or inefficiencies presented from time to time, by reviewing documentation and interaction with stakeholders.
Output group 6 Comply with Standard Bank Group and the Bank’s legal policies, guidelines, frameworks and processes from time to time
Key Activities (what and how)
  • Reporting and recording matters on the necessary systems to ensure stakeholders are kept up to date with active and /or outstanding items. The ability to utilize the Bank’s systems as a tool to ensure turnaround times are met and accurate reports may be drawn off the system.


Formal minimum qualification 1* Type of qualification: First Degree
Field of study: Legal
Experience required 1* Job Function:Legal
Job Years: 3-4 Years
Experience Description:3-4 years’ experiencein a legal environment.
Experience required2 Job Function: Corporate Banking
Years: 3-4 Years
Experience Description:3-4 years ‘experience in a banking environment.
Experience required3 Job Function: Business Support
Years: 3-4 Years
Experience Description:
Total number of years of experience: 3-4 years in a legal, banking or business environment
Behavioural Competencies
Behavioural competency1* Competency Label: Interacting with People
Competency Description:This competency is about fostering relationships that benefit the organisation as well as an individual’s effectiveness and efficiency. More specifically, it includes personal networking behaviours, making contact with others and strengthening relationships.
Behavioural competency 2* Competency Label: Adopting Practical Approaches
Competency Description:Adopting practical solutions with an emphasis on learning by doing. This competency requires individuals to utilise common sense when required. Ultimately, this competency is important in order to ensure that organisations implement feasible solutions.
Behavioural competency 3 Competency Label: Developing Expertise
Competency Description:Developing Expertise” is about individuals being open to learning as well as maintaining an efficient rate at which they learn. Furthermore, aims to develop relevant expertise can apply productively in service of their organisation’s goals.
Behavioural competency 4 Competency Label: Examining Information
Competency Description:This competency serves to aid effective problem solving and requires being effective at probing and analysing situations efficiently and accurately. This competency is important because without sufficient analysis, effective solutions become less probable. In addition, poor analysis makes it more likely that individuals become confused and anxious, bored, error prone or overwhelmed by detail, which also impacts negatively on successful problem solving.
Behavioural competency 5 Competency Label: Meeting Timescales
Competency Description:This competency involves individuals adhering to time scales and meeting deadlines. The focus is therefore on being reliable at completing tasks and being punctual.
Behavioural competency 6 Competency Label: Checking Details
Competency Description:This competency is concerned with the careful checking and confirmation of details in a task. Another behaviour associated with the “Checking Details” competency is being accurate. Being accurate requires individuals to have a strong quality orientation as well as to be thorough and detailed in their approach when completing tasks in order to avoid making mistakes.
Behavioural competency 7 Competency Label: Producing Outputs
Competency Description:This competency is about ensuring that tasks are completed within the given time-frame. Behaviours that are emphasised in this competency include working at a fast pace, maintaining productivity and multi-tasking.
Behavioural competency 8 Competency Label: Team Working
Competency Description:This competency is about working well in a team.  In order to develop this competency, individuals are encouraged to acknowledge the views and contributions of others, and to involve others in decision-making.
Technical Competencies
Technical competency 1*



Competency Label:Legal Drafting
Competency Description:The capacity to communicate ideas and facts of a legal nature in writing using appropriate grammar, syntax, sentence and document structure in the legal profession.
Proficiency Level: BASIC – Applies elementary concepts to develop activities under supervision
Technical competency 2*


Competency Label:Legal Knowledge
Competency Description:Knowledge of applicable legislation and the legal policies and procedures pertaining to the local, regional and relevant international laws.
Proficiency Level: BASIC – Applies elementary concepts to develop activities under supervision
Technical competency 3



Competency Label:Legal Records and Related Systems
Competency Description:Efficient and systematic control of the creation, receipt, maintenance, use and disposal of legal records, in order to support the organisation operations.
Proficiency Level: SEASONED – Applies concepts without requiring supervision, able to provide technical guidance when required
Technical competency 4


Competency Label:Legal Administration
Competency Description:Understands the laws and legal principles governing the administration and contractual obligations of the organisation.
Proficiency Level: BASIC – Applies elementary concepts to develop activities under supervision
Technical competency 5 Competency Label:Corporate Legal Service Management
Competency Description:Applies knowledge and understanding the role and functions of corporate legal services within the context of the local legislative and industry regulatory framework.
Proficiency Level: BASIC – Applies elementary concepts to develop activities under supervision
Technical competency 6 Competency Label:Legal Compliance
Competency Description:Is able to comply with relevant legislation, regulatory and professional standards.
Proficiency Level: BASIC – Applies elementary concepts to develop activities under supervision
Leadership Competencies
Leadership Competency 1 Competency Label: Influencing Others
Competency Description:Effectively and strategically influences across the organisation, based on previously established credibility and respect, as well as understanding the organisational dynamics, politics and interpersonal context.
Proficiency Level Description:1 Knows who needs to be part of the influencing strategy; Knows who the key stakeholders are for a given situation and key people to influence. Includes understanding who is likely to support or resist the initiative, and why
Leadership Competency 2 Competency Label: Leading Courageously
Competency Description:Believing in one’s self, own judgement, skills and experience, and using this self-confidence to challenge others for the benefit of Standard Bank.
Proficiency Level Description:1 Has self-confidence to make decisions and take ownership for them; Has confidence in own decisions and judgement. Takes ownership and drives initiatives.
Leadership Competency 3 Competency Label: Seeking Deeper Understanding
Competency Description:Is actively curious, seeking a deeper, broader and more objective understanding, upon which to base commercial acumen, strategic decisions and actions.
Proficiency Level Description:1 Seeks to understand the organisation; Gathers input on internal perspectives to move forward. Tries to understand how and why things happen in the Bank and how to influence within the Bank. Proactively seeks this information
Additional Job Dimensions
Typical direct reports for this job* Number: No direct reports Job
Financial accountability* Type of Budget:No Budget Managed
Work environment*


Working Conditions 1: Regular overtime may be required
Working Conditions 2: Domestic/local travel may be required
Physical Requirements: Open plan office
Physical Requirements: Noisy environment


Les personnes intéressées sont priées d’adresser leurs candidatures par e-mail à l’adresse électronique –  en reprenant l’intitulé du poste en objet de leur e-mail. Les dossiers comprendront uniquement une lettre de motivation ainsi qu’un Curriculum Vitae détaillé à jour renseignant les numéros de téléphone et adresses e-mails d’au moins trois personnes de référence.

Seuls les candidats de nationalité congolaise remplissant les critères susmentionnés seront considérés pour la suite du processus.

La date de clôture pour la réception des candidatures est fixée au vendredi 08 novembre 2019 à 17h00’.

La Direction des Ressources Humaines

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