DRC: call for bids to do projects on preventing sexual violence in conflict

The British Embassy in Kinshasa is inviting proposals for projects aimed at preventing and responding to sexual violence in conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo from 2019 to 2020.


Project proposal form

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Example of an Activity Based Budget

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The UK’s Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative (PSVI) aims to address the culture of impunity, ensure more perpetrators are brought to justice and provide better support for survivors. To do this, we are supporting the International Protocol on the Documentation and Investigation of Sexual Violence in Conflict, campaigning to raise awareness, rallying global action, promoting international coherence and increasing the political will and capacity of states to do more.

2019/20 Programme themes

Bids are invited on one or both of these thematic areas:

  • Support for a more effective legal response to sexual violence in conflict in DRC, including sexual slavery: under this theme we are particularly interested in bids that include some or all of the following:
    • can demonstrate strategic impact
    • will increase access to justice for victims
    • aim to strengthen investigative and judicial responses to sexual violence in conflict in DRC
    • take a sensitive approach to tackling a culture of impunity, including consideration of the rights of suspects
    • are conscious of and mitigate against some of the negative unintended consequences of interventions in this field
  • Challenge harmful attitudes towards survivors and victims of sexual violence in conflict, including victims of sexual slavery, and working to end the stigma they suffer.

Under both themes, we are particularly interested in projects that seek to apply innovative and/or strategic approaches to tackle sexual violence, including supporting the implementation of DRC government commitments.

For each thematic area, we welcome bids for projects amounting $10,000 to $309,000 per year. Project proposals can be for one or two years, although funding will only be guaranteed for the first financial year (2019-20) and will need to be reapplied for annually thereafter.

How to bid

Applicants are invited to submit the project proposal form and activity based budget in English and send them electronically to copying Please include ‘PSVI in DRC Bid’ in the subject field.

The deadline for submitting concept bids is 1700hrs (GMT) on Wednesday, 25 September 2019.

Selection criteria

Please consider the below tips when designing your project:

  • Projects should aim to start by October 2019 and end in March 2020
  • Projects should plan to spend 90% by the end of December 2019
  • Payments are normally made quarterly. Payments are made after the completion of project activities. Advance payments are not usually possible
  • We require monitoring reports throughout the project, including financial reports. At the end of a project, we require a completion report, including a detailed financial report
  • Project bids should ensure that the services are designed and implemented in a manner that respects international human rights norms, considers gender impact and is designed and implemented in accordance with the ‘do no harm’ principle
  • Duty of care for all staff and participants in project activities shall lie with the project implementer

We are particularly looking for suppliers who can demonstrate:

  • a strong track record of successful project delivery in DRC and will be able to draw on previous lessons learned to mitigate against risks and any unintended consequences of interventions
  • a proven ability to coordinate with multilateral organisations, INGOs and the DRC government to avoid duplication of effort and direct services to those in need
  • active consideration of gender inequality including by ensuring that where possible women are offered places in project activities, and included in training and consultative panels

Please Note: due to the volume of bids expected, it is unlikely we will be able to provide feedback on unsuccessful bids.