De nouveaux cours gratuits en ligne

  1. Attending a Networking Event—offered by University of Washington. Enroll here
  2. Evaluating Social Programs—offered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Enroll here
  3. Evidence-Based Management Foundations—offered by Australian National University. Enroll here
  4. Visual Presentation—offered by Rochester Institute of Technology. Enroll here

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Free Online Course on Advanced Machine Learning

The Open University (OU) and European Data Science Academy (EDSA) are offering free online course on Advanced Machine Learning. This online course explores advanced statistical machine learning. In this course, applicants will discover where machine learning techniques are used in the data science project workflow. The course will start on March 5, 2018. Course At […]

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Des cours gratuits en ligne

a.    Open Government offered by Delft University of Technology. Enroll here. b.    Public Speaking offered by Rochester Institute of Technology. Enroll here. c.    Academic and Business writing offered by University of California, Berkeley. Enroll here. d.    Human Rights Activism, Advocacy and Change offered by Curtin University. Enroll here. e.    Leading in a Complex Environment offered by University of Queensland. Enroll here. f.     Market Segmentation Analysis offered […]

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Cours en ligne: Ressources humaines

Apprendre à devenir un meilleur gestionnaire tout en développant des compétences en leadership et en communication. Ce cours est conçu pour transformer les nouveaux gestionnaires en grands chefs d’équipe. Cours gratuit offert par IIM Bangalore. Pour plus d’informations, suivez le lien :

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